Kahoot Pins

kahoot pins

In the modern world, Kahoot is one of the parts in classes which is a game in which the teachers design a set of quiz containing different questions and in the class, students are required to answer those questions. Now if your school uses it too, you are going to love this guide. Today, we are going to talk about the Kahoot Pins, what are they? How do they work? And, everything necessary so in the end, all of your concepts will be clear about it.

Let us first start with the introduction of the Kahoot Pins. A kahoot pin is a code which every created game has. For instance, if a teacher is taking a test, he will create a kahoot game and provide the pin to each of the students in the class. Now students will use the pin to launch that game on their smartphones or whatever device they are using. After that, they will enter the nicknames to enter the test and start answering the questions.

So I think, I have made quite clear with this easiest introduction of the topic. Now, we are about to move on to another part which is about the working. Well, there is not special or complicated thing behind its working. Whenever someone creates a Kahoot game, the pin also gets generated at that time and thus, a teacher will give it to the students who will then use it to the join that particular game created by the teacher.

Without this Kahoot Pins system, the management in the game would have been quite difficult and anybody could join the game which would make it hectic for the teachers. In other words, a kahoot pin is basically a kahoot session which is a one-time thing.

What is Kahoot?

Well, we have discussed the concept of Kahoot Pins in much detail but for those who are hearing about this game for the first time, it is important for us to first elaborate more about Kahoot itself. So now, we will take you through a detailed introduction on the features of Kahoot so that you can learn more about this amazing learning platform.

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform which is used in schools, homes, and other centers so that the things can be taught to students in a more interesting way. In this game, the teacher design different quizzes for the students which are comprised of many questions and then students compete in those quizzes to score higher. In this way, they learn better.

Now, Kahoot, being a game can be manipulated and that is why the developers have come forward with a better and secure system for the game. Also, the working of it is quite easier. For the teacher, all they need to do is to launch the game on your smartphone or computer and then project it on the wall. There a teacher can create a new game and this is where the concept of Kahoot Pins arrive.

The kahoot pin is basically a kahoot session. This means that each time you generate a new game, it also generates a pin for the teacher as well. Now when the teacher will share this pin with the students, they can join the same game and take part in the quiz.

Not just in the classroom, if you are used to playing Kahoot games during your study time at your home, you can do the same. This is also one of the best and easiest teaching solutions for the parents as well so Kahoot is a blessing.

How to Generate Kahoot Pins and Play the Game?

When people first start using this game-based learning platform, they seem quite confused. I think that they should not because this is one of the easiest apps to use. However, people with no experience of such stuff do face difficult and today, we are going to help them as well. Now, I am about to teach you how to use Kahoot and how to generate Kahoot Pins so that you can play this game.

In fact, there is no mystery behind any of this stuff. It is very easy to download, install, and play a Kahoot game. Also, it is even easier to know your kahoot pin and use it for the purpose it is generated. So now, I am going to teach you in few easy steps whether how you can do this either on your computer or your Android smartphone. So let us begin with that now.

For Android:

  • If you are on an Android, the first step will be to download the free Kahoot APK file from the internet.
  • Once you have the APK file for it, go to the settings of your phone.
  • In the settings, open the security settings and enable the ‘unknown source’ option so that you can install from the downloaded file.
  • After doing that, simply install the Kahoot game on your phone.
  • Once it downloaded, you will need to create an account and log in.
  • Now you can create a game on the Kahoot and when you will do it, you will also get a pin as well.
  • Give it to the friends or students you want to play with it and that’s it, you are done!

For a Computer:

Even though these steps aren’t very different, still we are going to help you with that so read the guide given below:

  • Get the setup of Kahoot for your computer by downloading it from the internet.
  • Now install it and after opening, create an account.
  • Those who will join as guests, they don’t need an account since they will simply enter as a guest, enter the pin they are given, and enter a nickname so that they can be recognized.
  • Being a host, you can connect it to a projector if you are a teacher in class so you can use it for teaching purpose.
  • To take a test, create a game, set your questions, and give the pin to the students so they can join the game and take the quiz.

So this is how the Kahoot works, you generate Kahoot Pins to use them and other stuff. I really hope that this article was of great help and if you want to learn more about the Kahoot Pins, keep visiting our website.