Kahoot Spam

Being one of the best and biggest online learning platforms, there are many hacks on the internet using which you can spam the sessions you are getting on Kahoot and have fun while buying yourself some advantages from the app. If you have really planned that for yourself, you are going to need some Kahoot Spam methods which must work. If you have returned confused and frustrated from the other websites, you are now just at the right spot for getting the right spamming stuff and we are going to guarantee the working of our guide. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guide for the Kahoot Spam which we are going to tell you now. Let us begin:

  • If you want to do this using your computer, you will simply need to go on the official website of the Kahoot Spam.
  • On the website, you are going to find some offers including the free offers in which you will be bothered with the ads and doing some free surveys.
  • You can, however, go for the premium gig and get yourself up to 1500 bots for spamming the session.
  • When you done with the packages, you can enter the pin of the session which you are using currently and the number of bots.
  • In this way, you will be done with the website method.
  • The second and most convenient method is the browser extension method in which you can add a free extension to your browser.
  • Now once you have the extension, you will need to enter the pin of the session, the number of bots (which should be natural so that you don’t get caught), and then simply spam the session and get a lot of free time for solving your quiz.

And, this is how you make the best use of a Kahoot Spam. Keep visiting our website for more.